Friday, January 14, 2011

Since Hell Froze Over...

When Auburn won the National Championship, we've had ourselves quite a snow/ice storm! It was actually the most snow we've had since the Blizzard of 93, when we got 17 inches!
 We measured 4 1/2" in our front yard, but some spots were as deep at 7"!
 This wasn't your ordinary fluffy white powder either. After it snowed about 4", it started sleeting/freezing rain, which gave us about a 1" layer of ice on top.

 Wiggley had a tough time walking on the snow/ice, but he loves to eat snowballs!

 This is what our road and most roads around here looked like until Thursday. Some roads still look that way, which is why roads/schools/businesses were cancelled all week long.

 The layer of ice made it impossible to make a snow angel, but that didn't stop Lance from trying. We'll call it a snow farmer.
 We were lucky to be out of chickens when the snowstorm hit. We're getting them back next Friday, so I wish this stuff would melt so I could get inside my chicken houses without feeling like I'm trying out for the Winter Olympics.
 I'm waiting for the rest of the ice to slide off the chicken houses/our house and impale me.
And when it melts, this is what we have to look forward to underneath it. Mud. Lots and lots of mud.


  1. The worse part of snow is the aftermath. Hate 'used' snow :D I didn't know if Lance was making snow angels or just fell down and decided to stay there. You guys! Y'all are soooooo busy! Glad to see Wiggles is still around and thriving. Enjoy!

  2. was wondering how you all were doing down there. we were supposed to be in atlanta this weekend but opted out. wiggles is really cute!

  3. Never thought that Georgia would resemble Nebraska in winter! Strange, strange weather. But I bet your crops will be fantastic come summer, with all of that moisture!

  4. I couldn't tell you if Georgia resembles Nebraska, I'm in Alabama! lol.

  5. Haha- snow farmer! It sure is pretty coming down, but it sure does make life hard once it lands. Our roads are life-threatening...and will be until March unless we get some warm sunny days. And then comes the great Thaw, and the muuuuuuuuud. This is why we all appreciate summer so much, right????

  6. Wow-it’s so beautiful. I found you through Farm Tails blog-glad I did :)
    Stay warm!!
    Amy at Verde Farm

  7. I've been checking in here daily to see how you survived the big snow/ice storm. Did you ever lose power? It's a good thing you didn't have any chickens-right? At least your storm is temporary-we have to put up with snow and cold for 2-3 months yet. I'll trade ya kiddo!!

    I'm sure your"hell has frozen over" remark referred to the WEATHER and not AUBURN-right? LOL! Just think how happy it made Cozzie!!

  8. It looks like y'all got about the same as us, but fortunately, most of ours melted off the road on Wed/Thursday. I do love snow, but am ready for it to be gone!

  9. That's what our place looked like last week. This week we're getting muddy and it'll be a big mess!

  10. My oh my you sure are snowed in! I hope you are able to get out by now. What a beautiful picture the snow makes when the land is washed in it. My children just got Dance party for the Wii. for Christmas and I'm going to take your advice and give it a whirl once they are all at school and not sitting around laughing hehe...Stay warm!!

  11. Oh MY! Stay snug! I was hoping to post our snow activities today... The kiddie kind. The kind that make farm chores sound fun. ;-P I sure have enjoyed my visit catching up here. Lotsa great recipes to try... THANKS for sharing!

  12. Wow Georgia, never would of thought that, I figured you lived in the North some where, burrrrrrrr I am another Georgia peach here, but I am almost into Florida, so no snow, really cold temps though, I am ready for Spring for sure, stay warm, I really enjoyed my visit here, I will be back, started to follow you, come visit my blog one day when you get time, I love to meet new folks. Lots of warm hugs, Barbara from