Friday, October 15, 2010

Miller Farms Giveaway!

In celebration of my finally hitting 100 posts (a few posts back), I've decided to have a giveaway!  I've titled the giveaway, "Miller Farms Giveaway" because it's full of all things to do with our farm!

Lets see...we have one copy of the Farm and Ranch Living magazine that we were featured in, a pink John Deere "owner's edition" cap (cause we own lots of John Deeres!), a few of our cotton bolls, some of our peanuts that will be good for parching (I promise there will be more than 5 peanuts, haha), and since I can't leave out a gift from the chicken houses, some chicken poop (I promise it's not real poop!).

All you have to do is be a "follower" and tell me how you "support" our farm! Do you love cotton socks? Do you eat peanut butter at every meal?  Are chicken livers your favorite food?

The contest will end at Midnight on Thursday, October 21st, and I will be announcing the winner on Friday!


  1. I support your farm by:I wear cotton. I spin cotton on my spinning wheels. I eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches every day for lunch. I bake cookies with eggs. I like your sock monkey which has nothing to do with this. I also think you have a great blog.

  2. I support your farm by: wearing cotton. PJs are the favorite. I like peanut butter on: sandwiches, bananas, and sometimes by itself. Chicken livers are only good for homemade chicken broth but I do like to eat and cook with chicken. I also support your farm by cheering for Henry during his numerous adventures!!


    Can I have Henry too? : )

    PS - I love cotton, wear it all the time, including at work. And OMG peanut butter, most perfect food ever , besides bacon. And bacon and PB? WHOA.

    PPS. War Eagle. Heh.

  4. Henry is not in the giveaway! And anyone who says War Eagle is immediately disqualified.

    I'm just kidding, I'll even allow "those" kind of fans to enter, lol.

  5. Well I have always wanted to see a cotton boll up close, and I triple heart anything John Deere!!! And I'd love to try some of your alls peanuts.
    And I support your farm through peanut butter. I have a 4 year old daughter who eats pb sandwiches 24/7!! I think she is probably going to turn into a peanut, and if she does can I send you the peanut and you send me Henry??? :)

  6. What a great giveaway!

    That hat would so match my pink JD gloves!!!

    My husband-to-be (come November 13th) is a small family farmer (soybeans and hay). Since we've met we have both made the decision to support farms in any way we can. We buy from local farm stands and farmer's markets.

    We are huge fans of peanut butter, boiled peanuts, and use more peanut oil than I care to admit to.

    Cotton is our favorite fabric of choice. We never run low on t-shirts, jeans, under clothes, and socks.

    Chicken is always stocked in our freezer. I can't say that I am the biggest fan of chicken liver but I do love chicken gizzards.

    Our wedding reception food will mainly consist of several cases of chicken that we are purchasing from a local chicken processing plant. We are also planning to have hot boiled peanuts in galvanized pails on each table for the guests to eat.

  7. So exciting!!

    My family supports you x5 with wearing cotton. It seems like every other week I buy a package of socks...Oh those boys of mine!!

    We buy peanut butter by the case...Ok, just in bulk like every other month.

    Chickens...Well, we raise our own chickens but the other stuff more than makes up for it right?? Right??

    Congrats on your special occasion and good luck to everyone:)

  8. My babe is wrapped in cotton and our love of peanut butter is huge! You are so generous! :) SO fun! Love the ball cap!

  9. Another awesome giveaway!
    You don't have to enter my name since I have won once already from you guys but I still wanted to leave you a comment.
    There are no better than all COTTON socks.
    My middle child would be lost without his Peanut Butter.
    Thumbs up on the Pink hat!
    As for the chicken liver....I'll have to pass and it depends on what flavor the chicken poop is!
    That is of course if it is candy that has been named Chicken Poop.

  10. I am already a follower and I support your farm by eating lots of chicken and having an apple with peanut butter every day as my afternoon snack at work. Plus I just flat enjoy reading your posts about farming in other areas of our country. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  11. I try to buy ONLY food grown in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. When I was little my uncle grew cotton. He even had a few of those long bags that were used to hand harvest cotton before the machines were purchased. (I am a little old:-))I use peanut oil every day. And eat sandwiches with peanut butter and MY own honey almost every day. Homemade chicken noodle soup is in my pantry right now. (I canned myself!)

  12. I support both your farm and mine by wearing cotton, eating tons of peanut butter and eggs, and feeding my husband so he can farm too!

  13. We support your farm in many ways! 1st had there never been peanut butter I may have never made it to adulthood, and throught the week, each and every week that is of my life. Iam a peanut butter nut. It is a stable for me and my family and I almost go "nuts" without it. Secondly, cotton is a must, I mean how can I knit and crochet cute little baby bibs and washcloths with out cotton, not to mention that cotton is so soft and so natural that if it were not part of your farm I would hope it could be part of mine. And lastly, chicken, yse chicken livers ae one of my fav's, as then are my mothers and her mother's as well. SO you could say it is a family affair. I love your blog and all though I don't often get a chance to post I do read your post every chance I get. I have even used some of them to share with my high school students who ask farm questions and I need pictures to answer, like the chicken truck, just to name one. It is odd that kids these days are so removed from where food comes from, even in high school, so yes your farmis an educational tool in my classroom as well. SOmetimes the kids will ask what is new on the farm and we will og in and see. Thanks so much for a great blog!

  14. I love this giveaway, and your blog is wonderful. The cotton amazes me. I wish we could grow it up North. Thumbs up to John Deere and your wonderful blog. Blessings,


  16. Since I STILL have about 20 pounds of your peanuts drying on my back porch, I won't enter your giveaway, but I will say....


  17. Attention Anonymous person up there! I need to know who you are or I won't know who to send the goodies to, if you win!

  18. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I want all that Miller Farm goodness. I'm feeling lucky so enter my name in the drawing.


  19. I am a follower. I support your farm because I wear a lot of cotton and basically I'm a big supporter of Agriculture in general.

  20. I've followed you ever since I read about you in F&R. I live on a 500 acre farm in WV with just cattle on a grazing lease. I'm envious of y'all and wish I could go full time farmin'
    I'm a T-shit/jeans/white socks guy, so lots of cotton there. My oldest son could live on PB if he had to, and chicken, we eat so much chicken and so many eggs it's a wonder we don't have feathers, and there ain't nothin' better for catchin' catfsih than chicken livers. I don't have a blog myself, but my email address is

  21. whoops, that's supposed to say T-shirt...although with cows, sometimes ya get it on you...wish there was a way to edit that
    Sorry! -Craig in WV

  22. ...and catfish.......I give up...hopefully I at least spelled my name right

    -Craig WV

  23. what a great giveaway. I support your farm with prayer, and then with peanut butter - peanuts and we all wear those cotton socks and undies. I do love golden crisp fried chicken livers with hot sauce and honey. Thanks for all your hard work. JD green and dirt runs in my husband veins. Keep up the good work.

  24. Cotton is awesome! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!! YUMMY! YUMMY! I probably shouldn't be entered since I already won, but I wanted ya'll to know I support you. WE eat a lot of chicken too (NO livers/gizzards for ME)ROLL TIDE (except when you play the VOLS or Ohio State).

  25. Craig-we know all about "t-shit" problems in our chicken houses! lol.

  26. I wish they had more things all cotton! If it's cotton, I have it :) I eat peanuts out of the can, peanut butter spread on crackers (or any way I can think to eat it -- pb makes everything better!). And I LOVE chicken! NOT my girls....someone else' yours!

    Would love that hat! I don't have a tractor, but someone may think I did wearing that ;)

  27. I love cotton jammies ;) It was fun reading about you in the Farm and Ranch mag....

    Stop by and visit me....a few posts back I wrote and added pics about our flax harvest...something you don't do in it might be interesting to you. I know I like reading about crops that we don't grow up here. :)

    Leave me a comment so I know you stopped by! :)

  28. Well, I am with you on both the COTTON and the PEANUTS, and hats and pink, but someone else will have to do the livers! No, no, no, no, NO! Especially now that we have a small flock of PET chickens!! We are, however, becoming a little too comfortable with their chicken poop...

    Very cool giveaway, and count me IN, please!

    Pete (from CitR)

  29. anything made from cotton and Calebs eats peanuts all the time....we buy them in bulk at Sam's Club.

    I love the giveaway idea! I grew up on a John Deere Farm and o it's been hard adjusting to the red tractors....and I wear anthing green every chance I get!

  30. Well I love love love peanut butter sandwiches. With jelly, or marshmallow fluff, or just butter(oddity passed down from my Grandpa). I also love just peanuts. Great nutritious snack. Oh and peanut butter cookies....Mmmmmm. Or PEANUT BUTTER PIE! Oh man, I'm making myself hungry!

    I wear cotton everyday. It's the fabric of our lives, right?

    Oh, and chicken. We eat it at least a couple times a week. Homemade chicken pot pie is one of my favs! Num Num!

    I must add that I am a John Deere girl also. :)
    Thank you for being such hardworking farmers. It's not everyday ordinary people like me get to shake a farmers hand((Hand shake))and tell you we apprciate your hardwork.

  31. Farm girl wannabe here - a couple of generations removed from full time - just two acres in southern NJ with chickens and other critters plus a big garden. LOVE boiled peanuts and the rest of the family eats lots of PB. Jeans and t's are everyday attire for us so we are the cotton better fabric. We eat tons of chicken (but not ours) and while livers were my granddad's favorite not so much the rest of us.....

  32. I support your farm as a quilter. I have *lots* of 100% cotton fabric in my house. grin

    A really original name for a quilt store that I saw - Cottonseed Glory...