Friday, October 22, 2010

Drumroll Please...

I would like to thank everybody for participating in my "Miller Farms Giveaway"! I never thought a pink hat and some chicken poop would get so many entries! Y'all are some peanut eatin', chicken cookin', cotton wearin' fools! So, thank you and keep up the good work! And by the way, I hate chicken livers too. Anyways, I went with the very professional way of picking a winner....I put your names in a cup and Lance drew the winner. So, if you're upset because you didn't win, you can blame him. But don't worry, there will be other giveaways in the future to enter!

And now the winner is....

Kellee is a new follower of mine, loves peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, pies, and chicken pot pie!

Kellee- Email me with your address at turtle3539(at)  Please put Miller Farms Giveaway in your subject in case you go to my junk mail!


  1. I demand a recount, or a repick, or a replay, or a resomething!!!!! Oh well, I don't look good in pink anyway!!! Now I'll have to go buy some store peanuts and get my own chickens to have chicken poop, maybe you'd trade for some cow poop

  2. Craig- No recounts! And if I remember correctly, weren't you trying to stuff the ballot box with all those replies you were leaving?? haha!

  3. Ah, chicken pot pie......mmmmmm....congrats to Kellee!

  4. Next time I'll use different assumed names!!
    LOL, but really, congrats to Kellee. And LOVE your blog Steph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bummer! I'm sad I missed the giveaway!