Monday, March 22, 2010

Race Freebie Giveaway!

In honor of my visit to the Bristol Motor Speedway this past weekend and all the freebies I managed to collect...

I'm having a "Race Freebie Giveaway"!
Here's my stash:
Coffee and tea samples, Tums and Goody's samples, Suave kiddie shampoo, Toyota hand sanitizer, a Combos tape measure/level, Census 2010 pens, pencils, picture frame magnet, chip clip, and canvas tote bag, Amp Energy/Dale Earnhardt Jr. coozie and stickers, Napa Auto Parts hat, and two t shirts!

Here's the front of the two shirts...

and here's the back! I believe one is a large and the other is an extra large.


So how do you enter?
1. You must be a follower or at least hang out here a lot. (But you really should follow me!)
2. You've got to tell me who your favorite driver is! If you don't have one, make up something and tell me how great my favorite driver is, Brian Vickers! :)
If you don't enter, Brian is sticking his tongue out at you.

Contest ends Friday the 26th at Midnight, Winner announced on Saturday!
Tell your friends!


  1. Holy cow, what a stash you have! Gooooooo Brian Vickers!!!

  2. Oh yea.....pick me pick me!! Favorite driver is good ol' Jimmie Johnson....but I would have to say I would like to see some one else win a few races....unless i got to the race then I want to see Jimmie win.

  3. What a great giveaway!
    I'm just a sideline fan. You know, one that watches only because hubby watches it. He swears that I would be as hooked on racing as he is if I just went to one of them.
    His favorite driver is Carl Edwards.

  4. would love to win. I like racing alot and I have a little speed racer at home. SweetPea is always riding his Sd60 Dirt Tracker bike. ( he made the name up ).

  5. My dear Steph: I love your blog, your house, your farm, and most of all Henry. But I am not a racing fan. So give it to someone who will appreciate it and I'll just follow you anyway!
    HAHA! Hugs, Debbie

  6. Wonderful give -away !

    My favorite driver was Dale Sr. We had a dirt track car when he did and one of the other drivers told Dale one night that I pulled for him even when he was not at the track. I was so embarrassed! Dale give me a big hug and said "I would pull for you to". lol

    Now I have to say Tony Stewart is my pick. Bless Dale Jr's heart, he's had so many problems.

  7. What a great idea..:)

    You know my favorite driver is Jeff Gordon and Brian Vickers is great becasue he has teh GREATEST fan of all time! :)

    (I follow your blog, but not "officially")

  8. Give me some SMOKE any time. I didn't even know you were at the race. I sure wish ANYBODY but Jimmie would win some time. JMHO,, but he is the big reason the crowd was so small for Bristol. I VERY much like Brian too. Do you watch MADHOUSE on HISTORY? The announcer on there sounds SO much like Brian and reminds me of him A LOT. Did Henry go with you?

  9. No clue how I missed this....dang work. Love the new background!

    Don't enter me, I've got enough of that stuff lying! Oh, and now with the whole "Nascar boycott thing" we are!