Friday, March 12, 2010

Henry's Surprise

If you have missed any of Henry's past adventures, please click here.
Before Henry's run-in with the peacocks, it had been a while since y'all had heard from him. He was staying a very busy sock monkey!
Lance put him to work bush hogging the cotton stalks down.

He helped me decorate for Christmas.

And, well lets just say, he was lucky with the ladies!

One day, near the end of last year, Henry was checking his mail like usual.
There was a package in his mailbox from his Mom! Henry hasn't heard from his Mom in years!
What was in the package was life altering to say the least!

Henry didn't come to until one of the neighbors noticed him laying on the driveway.

"Oh my gosh!" thought Henry. I can't take on this kind of responsibility! Just think of all the fun things I won't be able to do anymore!
Like drinking myself to sleep every night...

Moonlighting as a grease monkey on a Nascar pit crew...

Playing video games on the weekends with my buddies...

Staying up late watching scary movies...
and drag racing the Bangles Brothers down all the country back roads.

But don't worry I think Henry's coming around.

Just the other day I saw Henry teaching Hank how to shoot a BB Gun,

and he even went out and bought a brand new tractor with a buddy seat.
Henry will have Hank turned into a farmin', country sock monkey before you know it...stay tuned.



    Maybe Henry can train Hank how to torture the peacocks!


    Robin :o)

  2. Oh, and Henry just got his own "Button" on my!

  3. hahaha....that is great. I can't wait to see what all Henry and Hank get into!!!

  4. I'm probably Henry's biggest fan. I really enjoy someone who lives life to the fullest like Henry. I bet he enjoys his new home. What a way to get a sibling; in the mail. HAHA!
    You have a great sense of humor. Keep it up!

  5. Henry is one lucky guy. Living in the country and in a new home.

    We have a George at work and boy is he every where. This past week he went to Florida and tanned on the beach with a co-worker. Last month he was skiing in Virginia.

  6. Great story and can't wait to see what the two of them are up to next.
    Tell Lance I said Happy Belated Birthday!

  7. I SO enjoy Henry's stories. I still see him in the KIA ads on TV and think he's such a fun-loving guy. I know he will teach Hank A LOT of stuff to get into. I so appreciate your Henry stories to brighten my days. With a cancer-stricken husband, my life isn't my own any more. THANKS STEPH!!