Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Growing Like a Weed...

But hopefully not a weed in the fields!
It seems like just last week the chicks were hatching! Oh, that's right, they were! This is what my week old babies look like!

Our peanuts are also growing pretty fast...
And so is the cotton!

Our house is also getting bigger!
All of the block work has been completed, the foundation has been treated for termites, and the black plastic has been rolled out under the house. They're supposed to start framing tomorrow!

Hey, who said he could park in our garage??

Look at all that lumber ready to become our house!

While I was checking out our house, I also checked our mailbox! We received our first piece of mail today! How exciting!

Of all the things we could've gotten in the mail, what was the first thing that came??
The port-o-potty bill. Poo. (Pun intended)


  1. Cute .. too funny, wouldn't you know it would be that bill! TTFN ~ Marydon


    How huge does the house look now that the block is finished?? I can't wait to see what it looks like by the end of the week!!


    Robin :o)

  3. Looking good daughter. Keep posting pics so that I can watch the house grow while we are in Alaska next week. MOM

  4. I'm glad my babies don't grow that fast!

    You'll have to send me your address so I can send you some better mail! :)

  5. Everything is coming along!! Look at the house! Yay!

  6. Your house is going to be fantastic.

    One word of advice, when you finally get moved in, take your time about decorating. I didn't on our first house. Had to spend time/money doing it over.

    And your chicks are soooo cute. Babies always are.

  7. Oh Steph....I found this blog background and immediately thought of you....but I still LOVE the one you have now! LOL!


    Robin :o)

  8. hi, just found your blog from country whispers...wow, you are one busy family. your farm is huge! love all the chickens! we built out house and it was so much fun to watch. good luck!

  9. Love seeing the progress on your house.

  10. Everything is growing so fast! You will be in that house before you know it. My chicks grew so much in the week we were gone on vacation. Congrats on your first mail, even if it was the pooper bill!