Saturday, April 4, 2009

Masked Man Saves John Deere Day!

John Deere Day=Biggest thing to happen in Snead since the 4-way stop was put in! The local John Deere dealership has it every year! There's free food, entertainment, bouncy stuff for the kids, and best of all...

Lots and lots of tractors!

There's tractor parades...
Neighbors on homemade buggy tractors...

Tractor engines that make ice cream...

Tractor tires you can sit in...
(If you can't tell, my shirt says "Will Trade Husband for Tractor)

Tractors that are big as a house...

Tractors pretending to be racecars...

Tractors that are on fire...What??!!
Thankfully a masked man leaped to the rescue!

Wait a second...Thats no mysterious superhero! It's Lance!!

And as usual...Snead's finest is 10 minutes late.

I suppose a tractor on fire might need a little more explanation! We were walking by a lawnmower when some ding dong cranked it up. Something sparked and poof! There was a small fire underneath the mower (see 1st fire pic). Everyone was oohing and aahing instead of doing something until ding dong decides to yank out the fuel line. What does that do? Leaks fuel everywhere and the entire front of the mower is engulfed in flames! Sorry I don't have a picture, but at that point I was hiding looking for a fire extinguisher. We thought it was gonna blow up! Ding dong is now trying to stomp out the fire with his shoe. That didn't work, so while everyone else is standing around with their mouths gaping wide open (or possibly hiding behind another tractor) Lance rounds up a fire extinguisher and tada!! No more fire!!
Anyways...3 cheers for Lance, the John Deere Day Hero!


  1. My hero, my son inlaw!! Now give him a big bowl of ice cream.

  2. Awwwwwe, MY HERO!!!!

    I'm glad ya'll had a great time!!


    Robin :o)

  3. That is AWESOME!!!! My son would just love that John Deere day!

    Here is a saying that I LOVE!!!!

    Idiots are fun, no wonder why every village wants one.