Monday, April 13, 2009

Gravity What??!!

Gravity Wind:
A wind (or component thereof) directed down the slope of an incline and caused by greater air density near the slope than at the same levels some distance horizontally from the slope. Also known as drainage wind; katabatic wind.

Until last night, I had never heard this term. Sounds like something that would happen on the moon. Now I have first hand experience on what it means. About 2:00 this morning, the weather alert radio went off and said "Gravity Wind Warning". I thought "huh?". I figured I was half asleep and hearing things so I moseyed on back to bed. Fast forward to 4 am. "Gravity Wind Warning" Now I don't know about you, but I have no idea what to do when that kind of warning is issued. Duck and cover? Stop, drop, and roll? Turn your head and cough?? My solution? Go back to bed. So, I wake up this morning and have completely forgotten about "gravity wind". Until I walk outside...

These 2 lovely trees (a white oak and a scrub pine) were once going to be in the backyard of the house that we will build once its dry. (Notice the slightly moist state of the dirt).

This is another view of our future backyard. Good thing a house wasn't there.

This leaning tree is just over our property line. Notice the orange ribbon around it? We argued with my father-in-law about cutting it down. We wanted it gone because it was just tall enough that if it fell toward our house, we were gonna get smashed! He won that battle ("It's not going to fall"), but we won the war! Tree has to go now! Would this be an appropriate time to say "told ya so"?

This is the land just to the left of our house site.

This is whats left of our neighbor's shed after 2 trees crushed it.

This a tree that slapped another neighbor's house and crushed his well house and dog pen. (Notice the dog wandering around)

This is where a shed used to stand at our friends Jody and Michelle's house. Where is it at now you ask??

Oh look. Here it is 200 yards away in our corn field.

On its journey to the field, it smashed into the side of their trailer. On the other side of that wall was their daughter Madison's bedroom. When it hit, she proceeded to jump out of bed and run down the hall, only to crash into an also running Michelle. Michelle now has a broken nose.

So what have I learned from this experience?? When that weather guy hollers at you in the middle of the night. He ain't kiddin.


  1. OH MAN! That is scary!! I am so glad that you weren't in the new house yet!
    I am so glad that your neighbor wasn't hurt worse than a broken nose.
    Mama and Chelsea were stranded at mom's house because of huge trees over the road! They couldn't get out until after 10:00. They still are without power.

    Hoping that the weatherman is QUIET tonight!!


    Robin :o)

  2. Holy Chicken!! That's insane!! I'm glad no one was hurt. And now I know there's something other than tornados, gustnados and downdrafts out there. Gravity winds...Huh...Who knew?

  3. Wow...Learn something new everyday! It amazes me what Mother Nature can do.

  4. Steph, sure glad to see you and the family are OK. Also happy to hear the worst was a broken nose.

    Never, ever ignore those middle of the night warnings.

    Good thing your house hadn't been built, yet.

    At least you'll get lots of firewood for next winter! Ok, I'm trying to be positive. LOL

  5. SO glad you are safe and didn't lose anything more then a couple trees. I've never heard of that term either. Now you know, huh? LOL! Stay safe down there!

  6. psssssshhhhhhhhhhhh
    that's nothing