Monday, March 2, 2009

I've Been Sucked In

Well, I tried to resist the blogging world, but I've been sucked in. I've actually wanted to do it for a while, but the thought of posting so many pictures with dial up internet gave me the willies. Guess I'll just have to tough it out. At least while I'm posting a picture, I will have some spare time to get the clothes washed, bathroom cleaned, supper cooked, and a novel written. Lucky me.

This October our farm will be featured in Farm and Ranch Living Magazine. I will be one of the diarists for that month, which means every day I will write about what happens on the farm. This should give me some practice for that!

If you want to see some pictures from our farm, theres a link over there ----> and I talk about the farm in the About Me section!


  1. YIPPPPEEEEE! I'm the first person to comment!!! I am so going to know everything about your life now....aren't you skeeered???

    Love ya!



    Or as you know me as, "Aunt Robin"!

  2. Hey, it's LOVIN7. This is a really great idea and I'm going to bookmark this so I can keep up with you. I wondered if you got any snow down there. I am REALLY impressed you get to do a diary for F&R Mag. I used to read that all the time and really enjoy reading about farmers, so I want a copy if you have any spares. CONGRATS!!