Sunday, March 19, 2017

Turtle Power!

 Yes, like usual, I'm extremely late with my Halloween post. I never want to completely skip it though, so I can look back each year on what we have done.

Reed decided much earlier in the year that he wanted to be a ninja turtle for Halloween. That idea was perfect since there are four of us and four turtles.
 I'm all about saving money, so I found the kid's costumes at a consignment sale. Reed's was the whole suit and came with a purple and an orange mask. Jade's suit was just the top, which was perfect because I made the two of us into girly Ninja turtles with homemade tutus. I found my shirt at Walmart and ordered Lance's off Amazon. I used bandanas we already had for the red and blue "masks."
 Since we always have to have a trunk or treat idea, it hit me at a Young Farmers meeting where we had pizza. Ninja Turtles love pizza. I have free pizza boxes. Fill the boxes with candy like I'm giving out pizza! Talk about a cheap idea!

The kids loved it!

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