Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Henry Documents a Year at Alfa.

If you don't know who Henry is, click here.

This past year, Lance served as State Chairman of the Young Farmer's Committee. This granted him a seat on the Alfa Board of Directors. Being the roving reporter that Henry is, he just had to document it.

Profits were up?

Vehicle claims caused by distracted driving were at an all time high.

But homeowner claims were down.

New merchandise was approved.

Some was not.

Important meetings were held.

Awards were given.

Many trips were taken.

And state of the art technology was introduced.

And it was all covered by a mostly hardworking communications department.

Lance has enjoyed his time serving Alfa and the Alabama Farmers Federation, but Henry is glad not to have to travel so far for a story now. He's more of a small town reporter.

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  1. We are all proud of Lance. I looked at that old computer and wondered if there is one like it in our basement. Handyman has separation issues and often squirrels things away that were supposed to go. I'm not going down to check.
    Glad to see your sense of humor is in tack. Hope the drought is over. Have a wonderful Christmas!