Saturday, October 22, 2016

Henry Reports on Potential Rain

If you don't know who Henry is, click here.

Henry is the weekend weather monkey for our local news. Here's his latest report.

Henry's Morning Update:
 Good morning viewers! I'm Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey out here bright and early, atop the highest point in the Miller's backyard, giving you a first look at today's weather. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a cold front which could bring us some much needed showers.
 As you can see, we will be monitoring the skies closely to let you know when and if that rain will get here.
 Right now, there are only a few whispy cirrus clouds, but more clouds should build up during the afternoon and evening hours
 We will be bringing you updates throughout the day. Will it ever rain? Will the temperatures cool down? Will I ever wear pants? Stay tuned for "As the Clouds Form." I'm Henry, reporting live from the observation tower at MNKY 1News.

Afternoon Update:
 Sorry to interrupt "General Jungle," but Henry here with a mid afternoon weather update. As you can see, not a drop of rain has fallen yet. Snead is still dry as a bone. I'm waiting on cacti to start popping up. I saw a camel walk by with steam coming out of his radiator. Fish are actually jumping in toilets
 There is hope though. Showers and storms are just to the west of us, moving east. Keep those rain jackets handy folks. This has been Chief Bananaologist, Henry the Sock Monkey MNKY1, reporting.

Early Evening Update:
 Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey reporting live from the Snead desert. It's beginning to cloud up as the potential rain approaches. In order to insure that it rains, we have enlisted the help of a local Indian tribe to do a rain dance. Any words before you begin?
 Shouldn't you know how?
 I don't know, but we're live so you better figure out something.
 Ok, there they go, doing their rain dance. Let's hope this works.
 Oh my gosh! It worked! It's pouring! Where's my umbrella and boots?! It's a miracle!
 Oh. Nevermind. Back to you at the MNKY1 studio.

Late Evening Update:
Well folks, we got our hopes up once again in this part of the country, only to have them crushed when the rain dissipated on the radar. The Indians are fired and I'm putting this umbrella on Craigslist. The only moisture we saw around here was from the tears of sad people. This is Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey signing off.


  1. The monkey's predictions are priceless. And weather can be an unpredictable thing.

  2. People around the country are waiting for rain with baited breath...