Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Cowboy/Cowgirl Birthday!

My kids turned 5 and 1 at the end of July. Reed's is on July 31st and Jade's is on July 27th. Having birthdays only 4 days apart means one big party! Thankfully they are still young, and I can find a theme to make both of them happy. This year it was cowboys and cowgirls!

I had one table decorated for Reed and one decorated for Jade. This is Jade's. We had 1st Birthday cowgirl plates, pink napkins, and pink silverware standing in a plastic boot.
This was her cake. It's a horse made out of cupcakes. The hair is twizzlers. It was made by my awesome Aunt Candie!
Also on her table was corn on the cob, corn dog muffins, and cowboy beans (baked). I kept them warm in crockpots, which was also handy for keep away flies!

And here's Reed's table. Doesn't show very well in the picture, but he had cowboy plates, red napkins, and red silverware standing in a clear boot.  I found all the plates (and invitations!) on sale on Oriental Trading. It was like 75 cents for a pack of plates and the same for invitations!
Here's Reed's cake. Also made with cupcakes and twizzlers.
Then we had "cow patties" (boiled cookies), "gold nuggets" (puff corn), and watermelon.
We also had "Cactus Juice" (Hawaiian Punch) to drink.
Of course we had to dig into the smash cake (you should've seen the after picture!)
and blow out candles!
Reed requested a piñata, which was a horse filled with toy cowboys, stickers, sheriff badges, etc.
Jade even had her own pink pony piñata.

We opened presents, presents,
and more presents!
We sent guests home with a boot cup filled with a pink or red bandana and a Cow Tale candy and an activity book and pencil. Also had Jade's 1st year scrapbooks out and a scrapbook page to sign! I would say the party was a success!

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  1. What neat ideas. Loved the plates and the little boot caddies. I'll pass that info on to my kiddos for party supplies. When our kids were growing up in Texas we always had pinatas. We plan to pass that on as soon as the grands are big enough to enjoy it. That Aunt Candie can sure make some cakes. How fortunate you are to have family nearby to share all the fun. The kids are adorable. Happy Fall Steph!