Monday, April 4, 2016

A Helpful Tip from the Farmer's Wife

Yeti cups. The most popular thing since sliced bread. Everybody has one. Everybody has to wash them because they are not dishwasher friendly. Boo.
Here you have your dirty Yeti cup.

Of course, you know to clean the inside.

And how to clean the outside.

Even how to clean the lid.

Uh oh, what is that black ring? A seal? Does it come off??

Why, yes it does! This is a recent discovery to me, and although I may be the only Yeti owner on Earth who didn't know this, I'll share how you pop that sucker off! Just poke a knife, flat head screwdriver, or other pointy flat object and pull it off the lid!

Tada! I keep it clean now, but the first time I washed under the ring, there was a bit of gunk. Ick.

And there you have it. The Life of a Farmer's Wife helpful tip of the day!


  1. WOnderful tip. Tip 2. Don't forget to put that ring back on. ;)

    1. True! You'll remember as soon as you dump your drink all over yourself lol.

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  2. Hey! What about those 'zombies' I suggested you plant in your flower beds last year? Will you plant those again or go with something less controversial. :D Hope y'all are tornado free.

    1. Tornado free so far! The zombies didn't take kindly to Roundup being sprayed on them.