Saturday, January 16, 2016

It's Almost Halloween...'s not? You're right. I may have gotten my holidays mixed up. It may not be Halloween on the calendar, but it is on my blog! I always post our Halloween pics on here, and I'm always late. So, keeping with the tradition...Here they are!
Can you tell what we were? Cavemen and two dinosaurs! Since I have no idea how to make a homemade dino costume, I bought the kid's, but I made our cavemen outfits. How you ask? Oh, I splurged. Went all out. Bought a full size black bed sheet and two leopard print pillow cases. I cut a hole in the middle of the sheet, stuck it over Lance's head, and went to trimming. Lots of points. Cavemen love pointy stuff. I cut down the seams of one pillow case and wrapped it around Lance's waist and pinned it like a skirt. Then I tied it all up with some rope. I cut a diagonal across the closed end of the other pillow case, leaving a spot un-cut to hang on my shoulder. Then I cut a hole for my right arm. I cut jaggedy points at the bottom, cause you know, cavemen love pointy stuff. And don't forget our awesome accessories. Lance has a club. Reed has a small soft bat, and I covered it in crinkled paper bags. I have a bone in my hair, like every good cave woman should wear. I printed off an outline of a bone, cut it out, and glued it onto a small ruler to it would stick out straight. Tada! Instant cave family.
Our trunk or treat was moved inside cause of rain this year, so it was table or treat?? Anyways, I covered a table with a brown sheet, set a 13 gallon trash can on top, and covered it with a fitted brown sheet. Inside the trash can I put flicker flame lights and a red sheer table cloth. Used a box to sit it on. And you have yourself a volcano. Add some of Reed's thousands of dinosaurs, and watch the kids go nuts!

Here's an up close shot of some dinos, and Lance defending himself. That looks like an angry T-Rex.
Happy Halloween in the middle of January from the Millers!

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