Saturday, January 23, 2016

Henry Reports on the Blizzard of 2016

If you don't know who Henry is, click here.
When Henry is not farming, babysitting, building houses, or shooting peacocks, he moonlights as a weather monkey. Here's his reports on our latest episode of Winter weather.
Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey here. Just wanted to give an afternoon weather update. I have circled on the weather map the parts of Alabama that might see some storms later tonight, and the other circle indicates the places that might see 0-2" of snow. That "X" located in the Mid Atlantic, well, RIP y'all. I'm Henry the Sock Monkey reporting for MNKY 1 News.
Reporting live from the intersection of highways 278 and 75 in the Jungle Tracker 1...As you can see, we've had a soaking rain overnight and into this morning. That rain should be transitioning into snow later this afternoon. I would advise getting your errands run this morning, and all schools and businesses should close by early afternoon. No one should be on the roads after dark. Stay safe out there folks.. This has been Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey for MNKY 1 News.
Reporting live from Snead once again...The snow showers have finally made their way to Sand Mountain, and boy are they coming down. Temperatures should stay above freezing until dark so it's not quite time to panic yet. However, it is time to break out the milk and bread everyone has hoarded like its the apocalypse. I'm Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey reporting for nom, nom, nom, slurp.....
Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey checking in one last time tonight from Snead. The roads have turned a bit icy and seem to have caused a fender bender between what appears to be a camper, small pickup, and a garbage truck. Two of the drivers seem to be having some words...Oh my! Is that guy missing an arm? Thankfully emergency services are now on the scene, and the icy patch has been taken care. As long as everyone stays off the roads, the rest of the night should be quiet. For MNKY 1 News, goodnight and stay safe.


  1. Henry, I always watch MNKY 1 News because your reports are so informative about the latest in weather conditions. I enjoy your on-the-scene reporting from the Jungle Tracker 1. However, when I see you standing outdoors in the snow and ice, I must say Henry I'm so glad you're made of sock...and not brass. Cause I'm sure you're well aware of the dangers frigid temperatures can bring to your brass primate friends.

    1. Henry says thanks for being such a dedicated viewer!

  2. Oh how I have missed Henry!Stephanie, you must keep your friends and family laughing as you have a wonderful sense of humor.