Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Harvest Update

Ok, a way, way post harvest update. We finished harvest right before Thanksgiving, and it's been non stop ever since!
The last field or two of our peanuts were frost bitten before we had a chance to invert them, but as a whole, the peanut crop was pretty good. (We could still invert them, just have to be careful).

We finally finished cotton harvest a couple days before Thanksgiving. It seemed to take forever! It was so dry the first part of picking, then, it wouldn't stop raining! Then it was freezing. Geeze!

This is a picture of me waiting in line behind the pickers to dump on the module builder. I drove the boll buggy tractor a lot the last couple weeks of harvest. (The boll buggy is like a grain cart for cotton).

There was another reason why this season wouldn't end. Stupid break downs. Notice anything wrong in the above picture? Yeah, I was following the module builder as we were moving it to a different field, when all the sudden the right wheel started wobbling and fell off. There's only two wheels on the thing, so if one is missing, that's a pretty big deal. We couldn't move it out of the road until it was repaired. Blocked the whole dang road too.
What happened a few days later? No, that's not the wheel from the module builder. That's a wheel from the boll buggy. I had just picked up a load of cotton and was on my way to dump it in the builder when I felt a weird bump. Looked behind me, and there was a wheel rolling across the field. We only had one more day of picking left, thankfully, so we didn't take time to fix it then.

Moon rise over the last module! Thankful for a good harvest, but more thankful that harvest is over!

For more info and pics on cotton or peanut harvest, check out this page on my blog


  1. I can imagine you're glad to get that over with. I'm laughing because my equipment all fits in my wheelbarrow. :D Hope your Christmas was restful and special.

    1. Special yes, restful, no. Haha!

    2. Special yes, restful, no. Haha!