Friday, July 24, 2015

Miller Farms Hosts Local Bloggers!

This Spring, I was asked by some folks at Monsanto if we would be interested in hosting some bloggers on my farm.  Monsanto would furnish sweet corn for the bloggers to pick and pay for the meal/supplies.  I would have to do the rest. Well...sign us up! I love inviting people to the farm, and Lance loves talking. About the farm, I mean.

We planted the Seminis Sweet Corn on May 1st and watched it grow until it was time to partay!

We held the 1st annual Miller Farms Blogger Tour this past Monday. I would say it was a success! It was a bonus that no one had a heat stroke in the 100 degree temperatures, and my 37 week pregnant self didn't go into labor, haha.
Lance fixed up this Miller Farms limo, so we could tour the farm in style. He used some two seater folding chairs and attached them to the trailer with conduit clamps.

And we  were off on our tour!

We drove them by cotton and peanut fields, discussing everything from planting to spraying to harvesting. Hopefully, we didn't bombard them with too much information, and they were able to learn something!

I thought there were paparazzi on the farm  when Lance pulled up a peanut vine!

Seeing as I live here all the time, sometimes I forget how exciting farming can be, especially to someone who is never around it.

The next stop on the tour was the chicken houses. The coolest (literally) part of the tour! We showed the bloggers how everything worked, then they got to go inside and see our cute, week-old chicks.

On the way back to the farm shop, we stopped by the sweet corn patch and picked a few ears.

Or make that a few bag fulls!

Lunch was held in the shop behind our house.

We set up tables and chairs, and I decorated with checkered table cloths. I picked zinnias from my yard and poked them in some old coke bottles.

You can thank pinterest and our garden for the lunch served! Pasta salad, cucumber salad, fresh fruit, and strawberry shortcake on a stick!

Of course, I served some oven roasted corn!

We also had lemonade and strawberry lemonade.

And what farm lunch would be complete without mason jars!

Eat up!

After lunch, we played Corno! Which is basically bingo using corn products as spaces. Fun and educational!

Our first ever Corno winner, holding her new Farming Feeds Alabama chair donated by the Alabama Farmers Federation.

Even if they didn't win a game of Corno, no one went home empty handed thanks to the awesome bag of goodies also donated by th Alabama Farmers Federation!

If you would like to check out the bloggers who visited the farm or read about the tour from their own perspectives, here are there links!

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  1. I'm just as jealous as I can be. How fun was that! You sure put out a pretty spread and I know those ladies had fun. LOVED the limo. You put your feet up now! No use in doin too much!