Monday, March 2, 2015

Henry Reports on the Blizzard of 2015

If you don't know who Henry is or would like to read about his past adventures, click here.
Last week we had a freak snowstorm here in North Central Alabama. Henry was one of the few brave ones willing to report on current weather conditions....

We're currently located in Snead, here in northeastern Blount County, where conditions are rapidly deteriorating. In a matter of 30-45 minutes, the weather has changed from a hard sleet to a heavy, wet snow that has now covered the ground. Travel is not advised. This has been Bananaologist, Henry the Sock Monkey, reporting for MNKY 1 news.
Reporting live once again from the Snead Metropolitan Area. All roads in Blount County have been declared impassable. Not all drivers are heeding the warning. As we were setting up for this live remote, a truck hauling a horse trailer jack knifed. Horses are running a muck in the streets. The driver declined to comment. For MNKY 1 News, this is Bananaologist, Henry the Sock Monkey.


Just out here checking the snow depth at our live location in Blount County. The total is around 6".... OH YES! WE GOT IT BABY!! THUNDERSNOW!! WHOOO! WHOOO! YES!!! LISTEN TO THAT!! THAT'S BETTER THAN WINNING A MILLION BANANAS IN THE LOTTERY!! Reporting once more in Blount County, I'm Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey for MNKY 1 News, back to you at the studio.
One more report tonight before we find shelter at the Snead Hilton here in Blount County. There have been reports of around 8" in this area. Sir, can you tell us your experience in this storm? Yeah, uh, I, uh, heard somethin' that sounded kinda like a train, so I uh, went outside to look, and the sky was green....OK, thank you sir. Strangely enough, I think I also interviewed you last Spring. This has been Henry the Sock Monkey, Chief Bananaologist, MNKY 1 News, back to you.
Road crews are out in full force this morning in the town of Snead, in Northeastern Blount County. They are sanding roads, plowing, and shoveling snow. Conditions should start improving this afternoon. Travel is still not advised in this area. Henry the Sock Monkey, Chief Bananaologist, MNKY 1 News.


  1. Love thata Henry. Congrats. That is probably a pretty rare thing for y'all. It does mess up the traffic for a couple of days though. Enjoy!

  2. Thx Henry for the weather updates! We've experienced similar conditions here in NE Texas.

    Sooo looking forward to spring, enough of this cold stuff!!

  3. I enjoyed seeing these so much! Congrats on the new little one. That is so exciting! Reed will no doubt will be a good big brother