Saturday, January 17, 2015 January?? last post I promised I would catch up on my blogging! Here's my first catch up post! Halloween 2014!
Did I mention I was behind?? Sheesh....
 Can anyone tell who we are??  Here's a hint...."Who ya gonna call?" 
Yep, Ghostbusters! I know, the "official" Ghostbusters wore tan outfits. But when you can find blue coveralls for $5 at the thrift store, you just go with it. Every thing about this costume was from a thrift store, homemade, or from Lance's stash of Ghostbuster toys from the 80s! He had the "real deal."
  The "Proton Packs" are made out of spray painted boot boxes with lots of junk and wires attached to them. We had utility belts with Ghostbuster toys and even cb radios. Our suits (and proton packs) had labels I found online to print off. I made our name tags with black duct tape and red paint marker. Lance was Venkman, and I was Spengler, lol.
 And what would the Ghostbusters be without a Ghost? Yeah, Reed doesn't look happy here because we had to interrupt his nap to go to the Trunk or Treat. He had a ghost/sheet costume that I had made, but he called it a dress and wouldn't wear it. So, the shirt was a last minute thing. Toddlers, hmph.
 I mentioned we were going to Trunk or Treat....I turned my truck into the Ectoplasm Containment Unit! (You know, it holds all the ghosts they catch!) I spray painted cardboard, used duct tape, and printed off more labels. I used two touch lights on the top. (Green light is on when everything is good, Red light goes on-you better run! haha). Lance even had a Ghostbuster duffle bag I used to keep the candy in.
This is one of Lance's Ghostbuster toys. It's a ghost trap. When they catch a ghost, they keep it in this until they transfer it to the Ectoplasm Containment Unit (my truck, lol).
If you noticed the clear window in the ECU, (no, the real thing didn't have a window, but what's a Ghostbuster Trunk or Treat without ghosts??) there are ghosts inside! It was really hard to take a picture of, but looked awesome at night. I saved milk jugs, drew faces on them, and dropped a glow stick in them. It was awesome.


  1. Ya'll look darling ! Neat ideal.
    I to have to catch up on blogging.

  2. You are amazing! I am so impressed! I was just wondering about you today, and now I see you've been way too busy to talk to us. Great job!