Monday, May 12, 2014

Gettin' Busy...

We're in high gear here at Miller Farms! We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there, I'm east bound just...nevermind. I'll just show yall some pictures of what all we're doing!
We sold chickens about a month ago, which meant it was time to cleanout the chicken houses.

 Each spring we clean the litter out, all the way down to the pad.
We load it up in our spreader trucks and take it to the fields. It helps us save money by not having to buy as much commercial fertilizer.

When all the litter is gone, we put a fresh layer of sawdust/shavings.

We also take this time to give everything a good cleaning and disinfecting.

Look how nice and clean! We've since gotten baby chicks back, and they are a week old now.
We've also been doing a lot of planting! We've finished planting corn, which wasn't very many acres, but hey, at least something is done

We usually no-till (no disking) our ground, but occasionally we still have to disk some. This year we're having to disk the fields where our peanuts have been planted because the ground is really hard.

We're rotating some of our peanut and cotton fields (helps with disease/pests/etc), so this is actually cotton being planted in a disked field.

We started planting peanuts today. This is a really small field beside our house.

This is part of the field behind our house. Ever since we built our house, our backyard has had cotton in it, this year it will be peanuts! You can also see behind the disk tractor that we've been using our excavator and dozer to tear down some trees to open another field up.
Usually the cows are the least of our worries, but we had a mama cow go down after having a stillborn calf. She's up and moving around now, thankfully.

Of course there's always the normal mowing...

and spraying weeds.

We also finally got most of our garden planted!

 No, no, we didn't get horses (thank goodness)! These are our neighbors horses. Reed thinks it's his job to go visit them at least a bazillion times a day. He calls them up, wants to feed them, and says he's a "cow-b" (cowboy).  He is obsessed with these horses. So, the neighbor's horses are also doing fine, haha.
So, that's it. Not much happening here. We should really find something to do.

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