Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowpocalyse 2014

So, by now, I'm sure most of you have heard about the snow/ice storm that completely shutdown the south a few weeks ago. Here in the metropolis of Snead, we got enough ice to make driving conditions horrible. We felt a little slighted by the amount of snow we received though, especially compared to those to our south. This winter has had some crazy weather, especially the amount of times snow and freezing temps have been forecasted for us. It's almost unheard of. Low and behold, more snow was forecasted for us a week ago. Not wanting to have a repeat of the last storm, everything closed early and everyone stayed home. Good thing too because it more than made up for that last snow amount. We had almost 8" of snow! That's the most snow I've seen since the Blizzard of '93 when I got 17" at my house!  Here are some pictures...



  1. I'm glad you got some pretty good snow. You shoulda' slapped some wreathes on your house and used the photo for your 2014 Christmas cards! Did Henry do that to Waggly?
    We got another 5 inches yesterday along with some ice. I can't see my yard lights or ornaments, just lots of rabbit tracks and long, looooonnnngggg icicles. It's about to start melting as it gets up to 41 today, but it's gonna take a while to all melt away. We'll probably get a little more!

  2. Beautiful pics and hope Reed enjoyed it. Our town was shut down for 2 days also.