Monday, January 6, 2014

Henry and the Snowstorm

If you haven't met Henry, click here.
Henry woke up this morning to white out conditions.

Henry put a warm hat on, and at first, only wanted to look at the snow from the porch. After all, Henry is originally from the tropical jungles of Africa and is not used to this kind of weather.

Then Henry thought, "Well, I'll shovel a little snow off the steps."

"Well, maybe I'll make a snow monkey."
Henry had the hat and carrot to make a snowman, but there just wasn't enough snow. Disappointing.
 Henry spotted Reed's slide and had to climb on.

Henry predicts this will be an awesome slide. 

Whoops. Henry slipped. 

And face planted in the ice.

And kept going. Into the wall. Not so awesome.
Henry doesn't want anyone else to have an accident. 

Henry thinks riding the 3-wheeler might be fun. 

He forgot he was one wheel short of 4-wheel-drive and wrecked immediately. 

Safety first.

Henry thinks he'll sit out the rest of this snowstorm.


  1. Poor Henry!
    So what did Reed think of the snowflakes?
    It's -4 here right now. A little too chilly for me but it makes for great days to stay indoors and work on my quilting.

  2. Poor Henry! Can you believe this weather? This is cold even for the Midwest, but y'all in the south! WOW! Think this'll kill of some of those skeeters? :D

  3. Henry, I wondered where you been. Don't be out and break a leg or your neck. Remember your fall from the bin?

    Hope Reed enjoyed the snow. Keep warm!

  4. Thanks yall! Reed just liked to stare at the snow. Way too cold to go play, lol. I'm hoping it might've killed some snakes too, lol.