Sunday, July 15, 2012

Henry the Babysitter

Some of you may have been wondering where Henry has been lately.  (Some of you may be wondering who the heck Henry is, click here if that is you.)  Well, Henry has been busy babysitting, duh! How else do you think we get anything done around the farm?
Henry does all the things a normal, non-monkey babysitter does, like...

Changing baby's diapers...

Which doesn't always go as planned...
Keeping baby fed...
Taking baby on walks...
And lots and lots of playing with baby.
Of course, the best babysitters always test out the toys first.
There are tons of books to read to baby...
And lots of rocking baby to sleep.
Nap time is sometimes a struggle, even for the best babysitters.

 But finally, after baby is asleep...

Even the best babysitters need their rest too.


  1. Reed sure is growning up to fast.
    He's such a cutie and so is Henry !

  2. He is really growing. Soon he will be out the door with dad to work! Enjoyed this post. All the best!

  3. You're lucky to have such good help. I see that he has Reed well in hand. Yeah! Always fun to see Henry. I figured your hands were pretty full!

  4. Your little man is just getting so big! He's so danged cute. Henry is doing a great job!