Friday, June 1, 2012

Reed-Months 4-9!

Yeah, yeah, I know. He turned 10 months yesterday. I'm a little behind.  Hopefully, I will be on time with the next updates! If you missed it, here's the first 3 months!

This month, you took your first road trip! The first weekend of the month, we went to Mobile with Uncle Jim and Aunt Nell to the Farmer's Federation Annual Meeting. You were so good, and everyone thought you were so cute. You also went to your first concert, "The Charlie Daniel's Band." the next weekend, we took another road trip to Atlanta. We stayed with your 2nd cousin Kristi, so her husband, Mark, could do hernia surgery on you. The hernias were probably caused by you being premature and a hole in the wall of your abdomen didn't close up, letting your intestines poke through. It was done lyproscopically (yeah, thats not spelled right!), and you were only in the hospital for about 4 hours. We spent the night with Kristi and Mark, then came home the next day. At your doctor's appointment at the beginning of the month, you were 11lbs. 1 oz and 22 1/2". You are drinking 5 1/2 oz of formula with 2 tsp. of cereal in it. We had your first portraits made at Sears in Gadsden and surprised everyone with them.  Also this month, we celebrated your first Christmas! You got lots of toys, bath toys, safety items, and shoes. You got a John Deere Rocking Tractor from Grami and Pop, and Santa brought you a jumpy seat and a Bumbo seat, which we both love! You are starting to "talk" so much, and you really laughed out loud on Christmas Eve. You are starting to get a little fussy, and we thinkg you may be starting to teeth. You are drooling everywhere, and you put everything in your mouth. A lot of times when you fuss, you are getting sleepy. We just wrap you up in your favorite fuzzy, blue dog blanket, poke your paci in, and rock you to sleep. We also celebrated New Year's eve with the family at Grami and Pop's!

You're getting good at standing as long as we're there to keep you balanced. You always poke out your bottom lip when you're about to get upset, which seems like is all the time lately. Grami took you to church with her a couple of times this month while we were visiting your G-Mama in the nursing home/hospital. We took you to the nursing home with us a few times too. On one of your really fussy days, you cried for over an hour, no matter what I did, so I just started crying too. Well, that made you stop. At least for a little while. I even called your pediatrician for advice, and everything they suggested, I had already tried. They finally blamed it on colic, and told me to start feeding you baby food and giving you juice. That made the fussiness a little better, but not much. You love apple juice, and this month we're giving you fruits. You've had apples, pears, bananas, and peaches. So far, you have liked all of them. You still can't touch the ground in your jumpy seat, so you get mad after being in it for about five minutes.  You also hate being laid on your stomach, so I don't think you'll ever learn to crawl. We have also started giving you a bath in the jacuzzi, which you seem to enjoy. You like to chew on all your rubber duckies. If you ever let us read to you without getting made, your favorite book is "The Noisey, Noisey Farm." You like all the sounds the animals make. Speaking of sounds, you are scared of the blender and anything that sounds like a blender. But you love loud music! Sometimes cranking it up makes you stop crying!

On February 3rd, you went to the doctor and got three shots. Your poor little legs stayed sore for a few days. You weighed 14lbs. 1oz and were 26" long. The same day, your G-Mama died. We stayed with Grami and Pop for a few days for the funeral, and your Aunt Tammie and Aunt Penny babysat you. We have started feeding you vegetables this month. You've eaten squash, green beans, green peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  I have started making your baby food in a blender, and that makes it taste so much better. You haven't crawled yet, but you do spin in circles. You've really started holding onto toys and reaching for people this month. We have determined your fussiness is due to you not wanting to go to sleep. It's worse at night and sometimes happens during church.  We had a movie night at church, and you wore your poor babysitters there out! You also wear out your Pawpaw and Mawmaw and Aunt Nell and Uncle Jimmy when they keep you! We went to Mobile to the Young Farmer's Conference on the 24th-26th. Boy, you were fussy! But, we still won the Alabama Farmers Federation "Outstanding Young Farm Family" in the Cotton Division. It has warmed up this month, so you love to go on stroller rides. You even got your first peek at the chickens. You are finally starting to sleep at night. You sometimes still wake up, but you usually will go back to sleep with a drink of water or by rolling you on your stomach. Sometimes you end up sleeping between us in the bed.

This month you have a tooth coming in! It is one of the front bottom ones. You are chewing on everything. You try to hold your bottle, but it usually ends up in your eye. You have also found your feet and try to put them in your mouth. We discovered you love to be pulled around in a laundry basket! On March 11th, we had your baby dedication at Grace Baptist. You stayed with your Grami and went to church with her one weekend while Pop and I went to the Bristol race. It was only your second time away from me over night! Since it has warmed up, you love to ride in your stroller and be outside. Wiggley licks your foot, and it makes you laugh. You are back to waking up every two hours at night, and it is so hard to get you back to sleep. You are able to roll from your back to your stomach, and your second tooth on the bottom is coming in. You have even ridden in the Hi-Cycle (spray tractor) a few times and seem to like it. We took you to your first John Deere Day down at Snead Ag the last of the month. You just stared at all the tractors!

You celebrated your first Easter this month. Everyone loved your Easter outfit, but you fussed the entire church service. You have finally started enjoying your jumpy seat and sometimes go crazy jumping in it. You also like to jump when someone is holding you. We also took you to your first rodeo in Oneonta. You stared at all the horses until you got hungry and fell asleep. You still don't want to play by yourself or take naps. You have even started not wanting to eat your baby food. You really like to chew on Gerber Graduate Puffs though. You took your first lawnmower ride with Daddy, which you liked. You have started walking in your jeep walker a little, but only if Wiggley is around. You went with your Aunt Nell and I to the Farmer's Federation Women's Seminar in Birmingham. You were pretty fussy some of the time, but we survived by strolling you a lot. One day you rode the Hi-Cycle for two hours with me and Daddy! At the end of the month you started jibber jabbering. You love to say "mamamama" You have also started sleeping in your room in your crib at night!

You had your 9 month checkup on the first, and you were 16lbs. 12oz and 28" long. You even sat up without help for a few seconds in the doctor's office! We told the doctor about you not wanting to eat, play alone, or sleep, and he diagnosed you as being stubborn! He said we could start feeding you table food, so we have! You like it a lot better than baby food! You love mac n cheese and sweet potatoes! You love your jeep walker now, and always try to run over Wiggley. You helped me celebrate my first Mother's Day this month. During the middle of the month, you finally started sitting up for longer periods of time. I have even gotten you to take naps better by just leaving you in your crib and letting you fall asleep on your own. Sometimes you fuss, but usually not for long. On the 10th, the Young Farmers had "Kids Day on the Farm". You loved looking at all the animals and really loved the Barber's Dairy Cow mascot. You also had your first taste of ice cream on the 12th, yum! This month, we went to a lot of cemetary decoration days, where you got to meet more family members. You also went to your first shrimp boil at our house on Memorial Day! At the end of the month, you started being able to pull up while holding on to our hands. You also went swimming in Pawpaw's pool twice. You loved it!


  1. How cute!!!!! I love all your theme photo shoots also!

  2. Wow! That was some catching up to do! How are YOU doing? My first grandbaby is about 7 weeks old and her mommy is already worn out! I hope she doesn't read you blog as we told her they get easier as it goes! :D Love the pic ideas.
    Hang in ther kid!

  3. Too cute!
    He sure looks like he's a little ham for the camera!

  4. What a cutie!! I love the monthly photos!!