Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome to Kids Day on the Farm!

Each year, the Blount County Young Farmers host an event called "Kids Day on the Farm." Every second grader in the county is invited. It gives kids a chance to experience "life on the farm." We have livestock, demonstrations, tractors, plants, and lots more! Since you more than likely couldn't be there, keep reading, and take a tour!
Up first are the livestock. This is a Shorthorn.

This is a shorthorn/angus cross.
This little dude is not a pony, it's a mini horse!
Here are mama and baby quarter horses.
This is a racking horse. It is closely related to a Tennessee Walking Horse. They pick their legs up high when they walk, kind of like they are marching!
Cute Kittens!
This is a ferrier. He shoes horses.
This is a sheep shearing demonstration. It's like getting a haircut for the summer!
He hammed, err, sheeped?? it up for the camera!
Speaking of ham, here's porky!
These are Brecknock Chevoit Sheet...I just spell as I'm told!
Rise and Shine you sleepy heads, it's a Lt Brahma Rooster!

This cutie is a Mini Zebu Calf.
Say Cheese! He's a Nigerian Pygmy Goat!
These are Oberhasli Dairy Goats! Don't ask me how to pronounce that!
These are our poultry exhibitors! They didn't bring any chickens (thats those Auburn folks for ya, haha!), but they did give me a fun fact! It takes 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch!
Here's the honey bee guys! Without bees, there would be no pollination, which would mean, no food!
This is a soil tunnel. The kids crawl through it with flashlights, and they can see the different layers of soil, and what could be underneath where they're standing!
The Blount County Extension brought lots of different plants, and a rubber chicken, which he wouldn't let me take a picture of. His fun fact? The kids might not remember the plants, but they'll remember the chicken!
Lance helped out with the Cotton display! Monty Bain came from the Cotton Board and had a slide show with pictures, and lots of cotton products. Did you know that there are blue jeans made of cotton that sheds water? It's called Storm Denim!
The Forestry folks brought some of their fire fighting gear!
This is the mobile dairy cow. She's a Holstein, and the kids are shown a milking demonstration.
There was even a grist mill that was grinding corn into cornmeal! (Which I brought home by the way!)

And of course there were tractors.
*Disclaimer* Miller Farms does not condone or encourage the use of red tractors.
Thanks for checking out "Kids Day on the Farm!" Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Awesome pics and notes, as usual!

  2. I love your blog, new to me just found it today, very interesting. Love the chicken house story.

  3. I bet the kids had a blast.
    I know I would!
    Love the little mini calf.