Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Cleaning Miracle

I was going through some of my baby stuff and I ran across this quilt that my mom had made.
 Complete with a big ugly stain.
Who knew what it was or where it came from. It's been packed away for about 25 years. I wanted to be able to use it with Reed, so I wanted that stain gone! After searching on the best invention since the internet itself, pinterest, I found a miracle!

Tada! Check that out! How'd that happen?

Miracle Stain Remover
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
1 cup washing soda

This mixture whitens whites and removes stains! It works better if you can let your clothes soak in it, but my washing machine doesn't have that ability (front loader). For this stain I laid the quilt across my washer, poured the peroxide on, rubbed the washing soda in and let it soak for about 8 hours. I used this on some of Lance's undershirts in the mop sink, and ewww the dirt that came off of them. I'm too embarrased to post that picture, lol.

I've also discovered a miracle carpet stain remover, but I have to find someone's stains to take a picture of it in action. I got too excited and cleaned all my stains and forgot to take a picture!  Anyways, happy stain removal!


  1. Awesome! I'm trying this on a spot on my carpet tomorrow morning!


  2. Can't believe it and the letters don't look faded. Great job!

  3. What exactly do you mean by "washing soda"? If it works that well after 25 years it's pretty awesome. With a one-year-old granddaughter I can no doubt use it. I was worried about you last week with all the NASTY weather going thru your area. STAY SAFE!! Re3d is really getting big!! Did you know that seat he's in MIGHT be recalled because a few babies have tipped over in it and gotten skull fractures. JFYI!!

  4. You can remove spots on my carpet any old time. Reed sure is a cutie.

  5. Washing soda comes in a box that looks like baking soda, but it's yellow. It's by the laundry soap.