Saturday, July 30, 2011

Been Trippin'

Last weekend Lance had his 10 year class reunion.
 It was held in Chattanooga, TN on the Southern Belle Riverboat.
 This is a picture of everyone that went (yes, there was more in his class than that, lol). Sorry about the horrible picture quality, but I was too cheap to pay $20 bucks for this photo, so I took a picture of it with my camera, haha.
It was a two hour cruise (thank goodness it wasn't a three hour tour or we would've been stranded on an uncharted desert isle. I apologize to those who got that joke, lol) down the Tennessee River.
 It was a three story paddle boat. Each level had a different price range.
 We were on the level that fed you a buffet dinner.
 After we ate, we went to the top level (the best view) to take some group pics. This is a pic of some of the guys in Lance's class.
 And this is a picture of all the girls in his class, plus a few wives/girlfriends/buns in the oven.
Clearly this is us on the boat.

All in all I think it was a pretty good reunion. Lance was glad to reconnect with some of his classmates that he hadn't seen in a while. Looks like I picked the best time ever to be 8 months pregnant, so much for trying to look good at your reunions, haha.


If Chattanooga wasn't enough, this past Monday-Wednesday, we were invited to an Alabama Council of Cooperatives Couples Conference (say that 3 times fast) in Orange Beach, AL.
 They paid for all our meals and a two night stay at the Hampton Inn and Suites.  Free is the only way to get Lance to the beach.
Once again, I picked a lovely time to be 8 months pregnant, during a free beach trip! Sheesh!
 Ahh, look out! A beached whale! Call the Coast Guard!
 We had a good bit of free time while we were not attending meetings. If I had not been pregnant, I definitely would've enjoyed it more.
 I did enjoy going to Lambert's Cafe for lunch on Tuesday though. We went with two other couples we met down there (if you're reading this, hi! I know at least one of you are, lol).  They have so much food it's ridiculous. A pregnant woman's dream. They also throw rolls as big as your head.
 When we left on Wednesday it was a bit stormy, and we drove through a lot of rain coming home. Other than that, it was a pretty good trip! Nothing beats free!
Oh, and by the way...can anybody guess the baby's name?


  1. Oh, the fact you printed that precious name in sand like that makes my heart wanna burst. You are going to be such a good Mama and I know you're just going to love having children. There is nothing, NOTHING better in life.

    I can't believe the cool reunion that your husband had on that boat. Ours was so lame in comparison!

    Also, you look AMAZING for eight months pregnant. Really hoping you are feeling okay and I'm happy that you get some time with your husband during these last few months.

  2. I did read it! I told you I'm addicted! LOL. We had a great time hanging out with you and Lance at the conference and getting to know you a little bit. Hopefully we'll get to see y'all again soon. Oh, and free is the only way to get Steven to the beach too. :-)

    And I'm with Cheyenne, you look terrific at eight months pregnant! Steven has been calling me his "bred heifer" since we found out I'm pregnant...ahh, the life of a farmer's wife... :-)

  3. Free is the only way I'll ever get my husband to a vacation at the beach as well. And you do NOT look like a beached whale. You look so cute preggo!