Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ode to the Chicken Truck

Like every good chicken farmer, I have a designated "chicken truck". It's only use is to go to the chicken houses! Due to the past few days events (stranded in chicken house, stranded in cotton field twice, stranded at home, bought new battery and still stranded), I would like to dedicate this video (minus the snow) and the following pictures to my chicken truck.

And now to the pictures of the real thing...

The truck affectionately known as "a piece of crap".
Somebody must not like those bowties.
Hmmm. Something on the front bumper being held on by a bungee cord.
Dented tailgate and messed up handle (I didn't do it!).
The door will close after 3 slams.
I lose half a cheek in this hole when I drive.

Look Mom! No steering wheel cover! Too bad y'all can't see when you "honk" the horn. There's no honking, but the lights flash!
Gas hand doesn't work!
Have to keep up with mileage to know when to fill up with gas. I got a whole 120 miles out of 14.5 gallons last time!
Oh look, a  cubby hole.
The electrical tape holding this visor mirror on adds "character".
Did I mention it smells like chicken?
Jump starting the battery has become a daily ritual...
And last, but not least, check out how you adjust the heat! Notice I didn't say anything about a/c? Turn it on and watch the smoke rise!

Hope this makes you appreciate your vehicles a little more, haha!


  1. WOW! That thing really has seen better days, hasn't it? HAHA!

  2. That's awesome! Don't let my husband see that thing- he's a firm believer in using up his trucks until they have truly nothing left to give. We had one that had holes in the floor- you could see the ground moving under your feet!

  3. We have had a few vehicles like that!

    It is a great chicken truck.

  4. haha!

    I think we all have some sort of truck like that around a farm..whether it's a chicken truck, pig bus, or just a farm truck. I like the air freshener in there...just trying, eh? haha! :)

  5. This city girl has been convicted. I was mentally complaining about my vehicle today, and compared to your chicken truck, it's in better shape than I deserve. Thanks for letting us meet your chicken truck!!! It made me smile today!

  6. haha....that soo reminds me of some of the trucks my dad has had over the years. One s-10 I drove for a while in college had holes in the rear finders that I could fit through....and then there was a the truck that you had to start using a screwdriver.

  7. Oh my! This made me laugh... I need to do a post on my hubby's ranch pickup.

  8. At least your truck runs. I don't have a running vehicle, just a dead van.The truck does remind me of a car I had that was in about the same shape. It also had a droopy headliner that would dump dirt on me when ever I got in the car, and a drivers window that went down and sometimes went back up.