Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sushi Anyone?

I would like to tell y'all that I caught this 3 ft. carp in our pond today, and that everybody was invited over for a fish fry, but I can't...

It seems as though, last night, all of our fish decided that they had enough of the hot pond water and decided to commit suicide.

Yes, suicide. Our banks were covered with fish.

Hundreds of carp, catfish, bass, and I'm not even sure what else.

Of course they all had to be cleaned up and carried off.  That would've been some kind of stink. Lance and farm employee, Anthony, had to put on their big boots to trudge out in it. See how low the water has gotten due to the weeks and weeks of 100+ heat indexes and lack of rain?

You can see the dead fish between my father in law (right) and Lance's Uncle Jim (left).

They rigged up a pool pump that would spray some water into the pond. Hopefully that will provide more oxygen to the remaining fish.

Hard to see in this picture, but here's some of those remaining fish, just huddled together near the surface of the water.

Hopefully we will get some rain and cooler temperatures soon, for the sake of our crops and the fish! Anyways, sushi's on the house tonight!!


  1. WOW! Now that is really DRY when the fish commit suicide. What a stinky mess I'm sure. It's been really dry here after a VERY WET Spring-weird weather for sure. Hope you can get some more fish to replace them. Are you going to BRISTOL this weekend?

  2. WOW! That's some big fish! I'm glad Lance and Anthony got them moved or it would have stunk more than the chicken houses....haha!

  3. Can't believe they just jumped out like that! We've had really dry weather too and our pond is getting low. I'll have to keep an eye on our fish!

  4. Sure hope you get some rain and cooler temps. soon.

  5. The fish have been doing the samething in some of the lakes around here. I guess they don't like the hot weather, either.

  6. Yucky poo! Is there anything stinkier than a dead fish. Hey, they make great fertilizer. Throw em in the field!

  7. I love sushi, but I don't plan on eating it at your house anytime soo!! ;) Gosh ya'll are hurtin' for some rain, I hope you get a good rain soon and your crops make it through this dry spell!!

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  9. Yuck...but such is life on the farm at times!! Found your blog thru Neighbors magazine. Enjoyed reading about your life on the farm!