Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White...

Christmas SEC Championship Game Day! (What? Well, that's what day it was!) Anyways, last Saturday we woke up to whiteout conditions! Ok, it was nowhere near being a blizzard, but it is rare to have any snow here, especially this time of year! There was panic in the parking lot at Piggly Wiggly over the milk and bread. And even though there was a prediction of "if you are an old person you will not survive this storm" (not really), as far as I know, everyone I know is alive and accounted for. We did lose a few chickens, but that had to do with a broken U-bolt and not the snow.

Here's a picture of our house with snow covering the roof and the garland on the porch. Obviously snow doesn't stick to mud.

Ah, thats a little more like it.

This is a very rare site. Usually the cotton pickers are in the shed by now, but since we're still picking, it's white from snow instead of cotton!

Here's the back of the old barn in the snow.

Yikes! The snow has deformed the cattle! No, not really. That's a zebu.

She looks a bit skinny. She just needs to get her hooves all over this hay across the road.

Boy, I wish the cotton looked this white when we were picking it.

And the last scene...our chicken houses in the snow!

Hope you enjoyed Winter Wonderland in Alabama!


  1. your farm is so big! love your house, but your zebu or whatever is sooo bony!! poor baby! weird that you all got snow...bet the kids in town loved it!

  2. you guys have gotten more snow than we have!! It's soo funny how when you get a little bit of snow when your not use to it, people start acting crazy like the world is comming to an end!
    Your house looks soo beautiful...and your fron yard looks like ours...all mud no grass, maybe in the spring.

  3. Hey Stephanie,
    What does the floor plan of your house look like? It looks as though it is the same style I am wanting to build...some day.


  4. Kritter Keeper: It's our neighbor's Zebu, but I still don't know why she's so skinny. She was standing next to like 5 hay bales, lol.

    Janet: Thanks! I know I hate the mud now, but will I want it to be back when it's time to cut the grass? haha

    StoneBridge: Here's a link to our house plans. We changed it a little bit, but it's mostly still the same. http://www.theplancollection.com/house-plans/home-plan-7914

  5. What lovely pics of the farm & snow, Steph.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon
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