Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary!

To help celebrate mine and Lance's 3rd Anniversary, I thought I would share some of our wedding pictures! I've never put any of these pictures on the computer, so it gave me a good excuse to scan some!

The happy couple!

The wedding party.

Our parents.

Us with our wedding cupcakes! (Wedding cakes are boring!)

Check out our John Deere green punch and Lance's completely edible tractor groom's cake!

If the groom gets a special cake, why shouldn't the bride? Here's my Nascar cheesecake!
(Side Note: All these cakes were made by my Aunt Candie!)

My wedding favors. The tag says "Some things were meant to be together" and on the inside is a pack of peanut butter and jelly! I designed them myself!

Here's some of the pictures I had taken as a surprise for Lance!


  1. Steph, your pictures are gorgeous, your wedding was nice and I'll bet both sets of parents feel very blessed. Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful!!! Hope your day was great.
    I love all the John Deere stuff....that would never have worked for mine and Caleb's....he's a Case fan all the way :( and I bleed green...O-well there could be worse things to dissagree on.

  3. Loved it! What a cute idea for the cakes.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing those pictures. I love John Deere but who would have thought for a wedding! What a great idea!
    Hope you both enjoy your anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! I can't believe it's already been THREE years!

    Oh and those cupcakes.....we were all eating on those things forever!


    Robin :o)

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY kids. We're about 30 years ahead of you youngins. You look GORGEOUS Steph-and I love the cakes. Was that Kenny on yours? ((HUGS))

  7. Aww! Happy Anniversary!!! Has it been 3 years? I'm having southern states withdrawals haha!

  8. Ok now your very best mom in the world made that NASCAR chocolate mouse cheesecake. I just didn't get to finish the decoration on it because I was busy elsewhere. I wonder where!
    Love you and Happy Anniversary

  9. Hi there!!! question for you - were you recentley at the Alfa farmers cookoff. I remember meeting you there. You made the I think Aspargus roll up dish. I made the marinated cheese squares. What a small world we live in. I found your blog and love it.
    take care...

  10. You made a beautiful bride, Steph. And Lance is sooooo handsome.

    MrTRL and I just celebrated our 42nd last week.

    Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

  11. you are gorgeous! such a pretty wedding! love the cake. my husbands was a football since he was missing the georgia southern game against our team...happy anniversary and may you have decades more! ;~)

  12. Hi Stephanie,

    I am from Shelby County. I am a member of Shelby County Farmers Federation. I have not been a member long.