Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summertime, Summertime...

Sum, Sum, Summertime!
The garden is growing like crazy, which means its time to break out the canner! This squash is the first time I have ever canned by myself! I got my pressure canner as a birthday present last year, but by then, the garden was all cleaned out! I was worried that I would blow squash all over my kitchen, but contrary to popular belief, I did not!

Here's what our crops look like now:



I haven't made it out to the soybean fields yet, but I'm sure they're lookin' good too!
This is a sunset over a cotton field.

And this is the sunrise over the pond we went fishing at Wednesday morning.

Lance, Lance's Uncle Jim, and Lance's Dad...

We didn't have much luck that morning, and as for me, the only bite I got was a mosquito bite.
Lance's fishing trip to the pond in the backyard was much more successful!

Here's the house progress:

They have been working on the porch so they can finish the roof. You can see the outline of the doghouse on the right of the house.


  1. Oh, Steph, the corn looks soooo good. And I'm thrilled you didn't spray the kitchen with squash.

    The house is looking good. Which direction does the porch face --- sure hope it isn't west. And -- what dog house? Don't see it.

  2. Steph - you've been busy. I love the porch. You're going to have many lovely evenings porch sitting. Now go back to growing that cotton!

    Oh, and do you like boiled peanuts? I'm from a long line of peanut and cotton farmers but I haven't found a boiled peanut that I can love.

    - Suzanne

  3. Oh how sweet, you watching your dreams become more of a reality each day. That sweeping porch I am dying to see decorated ... Canning ... I did my huge share when the kid-lings were young ... now I don't have to anymore. Happy 4th, kiddo ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. TRL-Well, the front porch faces west, but considering we have a ton of porch, we can swap sides of the house according to where the sun is. I figure we'd spend our afternoons mostly on the back porch with the hot tub anyways! The doghouse/dormer window thing is on the roof of the right side of the house. Only the framing is there now, so it kind of looks like a door.

    Suzanne-I love love love boiled peanuts!!

  5. @Steph ---- ROTFL

    Oh, geez, I was looking for a real doghouse, not the dormer. I didn't even connect the two.

    And, AMEN, to the back porch with the hottub. hehehe