Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peanut Field 500!

The laps are winding down here at the Peanut Field 500...There's Lance on the outside in the John Deere 4255, and Jimmy coming up on the inside in the John Deere 4555!

It's a tight race folks! They're wheel to wheel!

The crowd is on their feet!

And it's Lance by a water tank!

He celebrates with a burnout!

After a quick tech inspection...

He pulls into Victory Lane!

Lance would like to thanks his sponsors, John Deere, Evans Oil Co, Deestone Tires, and Chevron for making this all possible.

Tune in for next week for the race between the growing weeds and Stephanie's lawnmower!


Ok, so maybe it wasn't really a race, but it is very rare that two tractors run that close together in the field. Lance was running the row-till, which was basically breaking up the soil so Jimmy could run the bedder. The bedder mounds up dirt in rows so it will be easier for the peanuts to be plowed up.


  1. HILARIOUS!!!!!!


    Robin :o)

  2. Oh my...you did have a weekend of racing...LOL

  3. HeHe, so cute! Love all of that yellow and green!

  4. That's cool !! Loving the background !!!!!