Monday, March 16, 2009


I made this delicious looking Brownie Trifle to take to Homecoming at my parent's church yesterday. When I made it on Saturday, it was hard to keep myself from sticking my face in the bowl and slurping it all up Lance out of it. Getting it down there was another almost didn't make it out of the driveway! I had to hold it on a towel in my lap, and Lance, no names mentioned, but my driver put the car in forward instead of reverse and had to slam on the brakes. Talk about almost having a pudding waterfall, yikes! It did make the trip though, and believe me, the Trifle does not look this good now. There is just enough left in the bottom of the bowl for a good lickin'.

So here is what I'm spending today doing...
Lets see...we got some sheets, towels, white clothes, dark clothes, socks/undies, and chicken house/farm clothes. We're only two in the world do we make six loads of clothes in less than three days??!! Ahhh...the joys of farm life.


  1. DROOLING!!!!! Oh that looks SOOOOOOOOOOO sinful!!!!!!! I can only imagine how it tastes...Ugggggg :o)

  2. It has a layer of fudge brownies, chocolate pudding, cool whip, caramel topping, vanilla pudding, butterfinger bars, and then repeat!

  3. And I thought you could only make cheesecake! That looks SOOOO good! You should have warned me....we could have made a trip out to Mom's!

    We have that many clothes too, and we don't work on a farm. And normally it's only the three of us. It's all Marty's fault. He wears about 4 outfits a day!


    Robin :o)

  4. I usually save the cheesecakes for family events! I get beat with a stick if I don't bring them.

  5. of the ones who beat you with a stick! ;o)

  6. That trifle looked scrumptious!! Send me the recipe, please!!