Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our New Guard Dog??

Looks like we have a new dog! She just wandered up at the chicken houses over the weekend. She's a Doberman and is quite pitiful looking. You can see every rib and every one of her backbones. She also has a couple of scratches where she might have gotten into some barbwire. We bought her some dog food and have fixed her up a barrel with a blanket to sleep in. She's looking a little better and has even started wagging her stubby tail!
We haven't given her a name yet, but if she sticks around for a while, we'll come up with something! If she does stay, we plan on fattening her up, and then taking her to the vet! She also needs a good bath! She's very sweet and a little shy, but she keeps other dogs run off! We're hoping that she could become a chicken house guard dog!


  1. Poor little dog! Why would someone just abandon that poor thing? Well, he may turn out to be the perfect chicken house dog. Strays are always the best pets!


    Robin :o)

  2. Awww! Poor baby! I hate to see animals neglected like that. I hope everything works out for you with her.

  3. I hope that he stays! He is a cute little thing!