Wednesday, March 4, 2009

As the Plow Turns...

Today was Lance and his Uncle Jim's first day back in the field since before Christmas! We normally no-till all the fields (its a conservation thing), but since we are growing peanuts this year, those fields have to be disked. The field was still a little wet from the rain/snow over the weekend, so they didn't get a lot done, but my on-scene photographer Lance managed to take a picture!

In other exciting news...our loggers finally showed up! Whoopeee! We've been waiting for them to come clear our land for a couple of weeks now.

I would've stood closer, but...if a tree falls on my head in the forest, would anyone hear it??


  1. OK, you farm corn, wheat, soybeans, NOW peanuts and raise chickens.....WHAT in the world is left??? Oh, I know.....KIDS!! ;o)

    Are you cutting trees for the house or for the farm?

  2. I don't know about kids...but you did forget cotton on that list! haha!

  3. Spring on the farm is great-but busy I know. Clearing trees! YAY! We are about to cut our driveway. How's the lip?

  4. Lip went down, pimple on my chin popped up, haha. Its gotta be stress!

  5. Duuuuhhhh, How did I forget the cotton!! I knew I was missing something on that list! I had just got home from work and I was really, really tired! HA!